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H.C.A. Veldhuizen, Garyp
tel: 0511-521264
spoed: 0511-521200

Huisartsenpraktijk Keijer, Oudega
tel: 0512-371262
spoed: 0512-372675

During the weekend (Friday after 5 p.m.), please call the Friesland doctors' service on 0900-1127112


The trailer ramp has parking places where cars with trailers can park. The trailer ramp is situated 500 m from the village on the Feantersdyk


Bevindt zich midden in het dorp op het grote parkeerterrein met uitzicht op natuurgebied Nationaal Park De Alde Feanen
Max. 6 spaces available, chemical toilet disposal point.

Payment for spaces via the machine next to the harbour office.


Earnewâld is easily accessible by public transport:

From Leeuwarden: Depart from Leeuwarden Station with bus 114. Get off at the Rijksweg bus stop in Nijega.
From Drachten: Depart from the Knobeldorffplein in Drachten with bus 20. Get off at the Dorpshuis bus stop in Nijega.
In Nijega, change to Opstapper 790.
This line is an OPSTAPPER (on-demand service). This means you must make a reservation at least half an hour before departure of the desired route by calling 0800 - 2802803.
Hier vindt u alle informatie over de De Opstapper: https://qbuzz.nl/Friesland/onderweg/waarmee-reis-ik/de-opstapper/
Plan u route met het OV hier: http://9292.nl/earnewald/bushalte-it-kruspaed

Toeristenbureau Earnewâld
Piet Miedemaweg 9
9264 TJ Earnewâld

Telefoon: 0511-539500
E-mail: info@earnewald.nl

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